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Childhome lastevoodi Rooftop 70x140cm valge

Toode: Childhome lastevoodi Rooftop 70x140cm valge
Hind: 455.00 €
Toote kood: B140BHR  
Saadavus: Tarneaeg (30 päeva)
Bränd: Childhome

Childhome - Rooftop Bed Frame House + 2 Bedrails - 70x140 Cm - Wood - White

Sleeping in your own cosy house, how cool is that ?! The white bed frame 70x140 cm in the shape of a house is the perfect eye-catcher to complete a playful and poetic nursery. The fun roof creates a modern four-poster bed and provides a sense of security for your little one.

The beautiful house bed immediately catches the eye and your child will immediately fall in love. After all, the cool bed is ideal for sleeping at night and playing during the day. Personalize the house with decorative pillows, garlands or lights to make it an extra cosy place. With its minimalist and timeless look, the house bed is also a real asset to your interior.

The entire bed frame is made of solid wood. A suitable slatted base is included and mattresses are available separately. To prevent young children from falling out of the bed, 2 removable side rails are included.

Important advantages at a glance

  • The cosiest bed for all children

  • Dream away under your own roof

  • Fully customizable to taste with all kinds of accessories

  • Easy to assemble

Standard included

  • House bed with white frame

  • Slatted base

  • 2 removable side rails

Important specifications

  • Dimensions: 160 x 87.3 x 165 cm

  • Material: MDF + Pine

  • EN Standard: EN 716:2017

  • Maintenance: Use a damp cloth and dry immediately.

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