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Voksi soojakott Explorer Black Flying 21/22

Toode: Voksi soojakott Explorer Black Flying 21/22
Hind: 149.00 €
Toote kood: 7072754010133  
Saadavus: Kohe saadaval
Bränd: Voksi soojakotid

Kõik parimad Voksi soojakottide omadused on koondatud just Expoler soojakotti.  Villa hingavus ning soojus annavad beebile kõige paremad tingimused jaheda ilmaga vankriga väljas käimiseks. Oluline, et seesmine kiht on 100% puuvilla, mis on mugav lapsele (ei aja higistama). Sobilik soojema talvega.

Soojakoti põhjas on sisseõmmeldud vill, peal on suled, sisemine kangas 100% puuvill.
Soojakoti  pikkus on 100 cm ja kasutatav 0-3 aastat. Libisemiskindel põhi. Täielikult avatav. Käru rihmade jaoks sisselõiked mugavad sisselõiked, mis võimaldavad paigalduse ka  kõikidesse vankritesse ja jalutuskärudesse, samuti turvatooli UUS! - Edukalt läbinud testi ka BeSafe turvaistmetes.

  • sobilik lastele vanuses 0-3 a, 100 cm pikk
  • edukalt testitud ka "crash testides", lukud on kiirelt avatavad
  • seljaosal libisemiskindlad ribad, mis tagavad püsivuse vankris
  • külastades sõpru saad kasutada soojakotti mängumatina või tekina
  • soojakotti on võimalik kasutada ka istmepehmendusena, eemaldades pealmise osa
  • eemaldades pealmise osa saab kasutada istmepehmendusena
  • Velcro kinnitused tagavad, et kotti saab kasutada rihmadega nii jalutuskärus, turvahälli kui jalgrattatoolis
  • välispind matt nailon, mis lisab luksusliku välimuse ja vastupidavuse
  • välismaterjal on vetthülgav
  • sobib kasutamiseks aastaringselt (soojem talv)
  • Voksi® Temperature guide

Meie klientide lemmik - parim hinna ja kvaliteedi suhe. Tule ise vaatama meie kauplustesse, Tallinnas ja Pärnus.

Lisainfo Voksi tootejuhilt tel +372 588 344 34. Helista julgelt -  küsi lisainfot või saadavust.

Lisainfot leiad ka

  • Age: About 0 to 3 years old
  • Has succesfully crashtested with Emergency zipper for use in car seats.
  • Anti-slide material on the back for improved stability in strollers
  • Use as a play blanket or duvet when you are visiting family and friends
  • Take top part off and use the back part as a seat liner
  • A Velcro back opening makes it perfect for fitting harnesses in strollers, travel systems, car seats and bicycle trailers
  • A beautiful star print inspired by the night sky on the inside fabric of the bag
  • Outer fabric in mat nylon for a premium and durable quality
  • Coated in the BIONIC-FINISH®ECO
  • All materials certified according to STANDARD 100 by Oeko-Tex® Class I
  • Voksi® Temperature guide

A water-repellent fabric at the foot end helps repel dirt on the inside, and a BIONIC-FINISH®ECO treatment repels water on the outside. You as a parent can be sure that your child is surrounded by materials free from hazardous substances like fluorocarbon or formaldehydes.

Test result: 57 of 60 points from

“I can’t think of anything bad to say about this sleeping bag. Honestly, I’m impressed. It lives up to all my expectations”.

Heidi Malene Kristensen (@_heidimk)

Special features – the best from the best

Voksi® has been developing sleeping bags for different weather conditions for more than 30 years. Innovative functions and high-quality materials have always been the focus of our design process and our highest priority. When we developed the Explorer, the newest addition to our product range, our aim was to design the most functional sleeping bag for optimal comfort, merging all our best functions into one novelty product.

From Urban

• The same shape, but in a smaller size
• 2/3 duck down filling of a Voksi® Urban

From City

  • Easy adjustment of head opening around the baby’s head to adapt to the weather conditions.
  • Duck down filling round head opening to make it soft and comfortable for the child.

From Move

  • Same pre-cut hole design to make it fit the stroller harness perfectly.
  • Wool filling in the bottom part with a unique ability to transport moisture away from the baby’s body while keeping a stable and comfortable temperature.

From Design by Voksi®

  • Buttons for folding down the front part for easy ventilation

From Breeze

  • Soft cotton satin inner fabric for a soft environment for the baby
  • Two way zipper to open up the bottom end for better ventilation

Lightweight protection

With its airy duck/down filling, Voksi® Explorer provides a cosy and lightweight protection for your baby. The breathable wool padding absorbs moisture, while two-way zippers and a zip-open foot end enable quick ventilation. The beautiful star print on the soft, woven cotton is gentle against the skin and the top part snuggles around your baby`s head.

Perfect for different harness systems

Voksi® Explorer has a velcro back opening, perfect for harness systems in strollers, car seats, travel systems and bicycle trailers.


All product parts of the Voksi® Explorer are certified according to the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, Class I, which ensures that the baby is surrounded by materials free from hazardous substances or harmful chemicals.

Technical information

  • Measurements:
    Inside/outside length: 103-105 cm
    Width: 51 cm
  • Fabrics:
    Outer Fabric: 100% Nylon
    Inner Fabric: 100% Cotton
    Filling material, top part: 70% Duck Down, 30% Feathers
    Filling material, back: 100% Wool, Treatment: Bionic-Eco-Finish
  • Trim: Metal buttons, Faux Leather and YKK zippers
  • Oeko-Tex standard 100: All parts are Class 1 certified.

Washing instruction:

Top Part: Can be washed together with the back part. Wash on the delicate program, 40oC. Must be dried in the dryer, with tennis balls, until it is completely dry. This will also reactivate the water repellent treatment.

Back part: Remove back panel before wash. Can be washed together with the top part. Wash on delicate program 40oC. Must be dried in the dryer, with tennis balls, until it is completely dry. This will also reactivate the water repellent treatment.

Back panel: Separate from back part before wash. Wash separately. Wash on wool program 40oC. Should not be dried in the dryer. Dry flat and shake the bag several times until it is completely dry. Wash less. Air your Explorer, save water only when necessary.


All materials of the Voksi® Explorer are certified according to the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, Class 1. Oeko-Tex® is an independent testing and certification system for textiles, intermediate and end products at all stages of production. By choosing a product made of Oeko-Tex® certified materials, you as a parent can be sure that your baby is surrounded by materials free from hazardous substances or harmful chemicals.


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